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Finnish postal service announces iconic Tom of Finland stamps

One of the most influential gay artists has been commemorated in stamp form...

People don’t like sending letters anymore. It’s a shame, especially when one of these could be stuck to the front.

Tom of Finland, pseudonym of Touko Laaksonen, is widely considered one of gay art’s most important figures, as well as one of Finland’s best-known sons.

Itella Posti Oy, the Finnish state postal corporation, will release a sheet of three 1st class stamps depicting the artist’s trademark homoerotic images of muscles and leather.

The series will be released on 8 September, coinciding with the launch of a new exhibition, Sealed With A Secret – Correspondence Of Tom of Finland, at the Postal Museum in Tampere, detailing a more intimate side to the infamous artist through (you guessed it) the letters he sent throughout his life.

“These are very exciting times in Finland as the country rediscovers one of its national heroes” says Durk Dehner, president and cofounder of the Tom of Finland Foundation. We heartily agree.

Sadly, the only way to your hands on the stamps is to go to Finland… or getting some very suggestive airmail. But bravo nonetheless to the Finnish for commemorating such an important gay artist in this way.

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Words Dominic Holbrook, @DiggerDomH

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