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Review: The Vamps' debut album

Read our extensive track-by-track review of Meet The Vamps...

There are four new faces in pop that we've got to know quite well over the past few weeks. It's like we're 14-years-old again, weak at the knees and carelessly in love again, when we listen to The Vamps' debut album – released today, no less.

Meet The Vamps packs in 15 tracks, including hit singles Wild Heart, Can We Dance and Last Night. But these boys are far from one trick ponies, and the rest of the album shows an extensive sound to The Vamps, from typical teen romance-enthused pop-rock stompers to soft ballads that will leave you lusting over lead singer Brad Simpsons’ impressive vocal performance. Anyway, enough fawning. Here's our track by track review of Meet The Vamps.

Wild Heart Who can resist a vocally-powered up, catchy, and acoustic driven teen-romance pop song? It’s the best way to describe Wild Heart, the follow up to their debut release. “Tonight we’ll dance, I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine.” It’s what you hope your secret crush will write on the note he’s passed to you along the class – and yes, we are putting ourselves in the shoes of a 16-year-old girl.

Last Night A typical last night on earth so let’s party like Lindsay Lohan back in 2007 vibe, backed up with an infectious drum-beat that makes this track hard not to sing along to.

Somebody to You Is this One Direction we’re listening to? No we’re joking, the boys have already claimed they don’t mind a 1D comparison here and there and assure us they’re completely different. We’ll take their word for it; this is a fun little number.

Can We Dance This is the track that made their name and scored them a number two slot on their first release in the UK charts. An impressive vocal performance by Brad Simpson, he proves his worth as frontman with a smooth, flawless deliverance before the instrumentals kick in.

Girls On TV With a chorus that makes reference to Beyoncé and Rihanna, it evokes the tediousness of hearing boys barely in their 20s compare the teen girl they’re crushing on to superstars such as those. This one will go down better with the girls than the lads.

Risk It All A chilled, easy-going, acoustic feel to this track makes it a lovely addition to the album. There’s something about when these boys chant – the whole song just comes alive.

Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) We can imagine The Vamps sat round a fire on a school trip when listening to it. There’s a melodic acoustics are a treat to the ears.

Another World Power ballad alert. This track takes lead as the tearjerker on the album, thankfully. It’s the woeful post-breakup song we’ve been dying for Simpson to sink his vocal folds into.

Move My Way Revealed as the forthcoming single to look forward to, it’s not as chart dominating than the previous releases, but still a track that’ll reach high in the top 40, no doubt.

Shout About It You’ll really fall for The Vamps when you hear this one. The soft instrumentals suggest easy production and make it a hidden gem on the album. We’re melting…

High Hopes When you meet that one person for the first time and cupids took aim with his lustful arrow, you’ve had your first ever dose of love at first sight. That sums up this track pretty well. It’s a typical boy band number.

She Was the One It’s a shame the boys have left this track so late on the album because we see a more vulnerable side to them. It’s not all “what we did last night” and falling foolishly in love, they’ve had their fair share of love’s bitter touch. Haven’t we all!

Dangerous Thirteen tracks into the album you’d expected to be bored and not wanting to hear another song from these four lads in a long time, but they’ve certainly saved the best till (almost) last. Simpson and co. mix it up a little with his vocals and adds yet another gem to the album.

Lovestruck Another heart-warming, beautifully produced power ballad. This song needs nothing accompanied to it to make it a standout; the boys do that all by themselves.

Smile A real banger that finishes the album off, but makes the most noise. Yet another romantic number that one of them have probably kept hidden in their diary, but it sounds as if the boys are letting their sweepy fringes down a little and just having fun.

It’s a generous 5/5 for the boys. Each song is a gem and promises an exciting future for The Vamps.

Oh, and we thought we should mention… they'll be doing a few signings and performances around the country so keep your eyes peeled over at their official website for any updates.

Words Darrell Larkin @supernaturalboi

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