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Exclusive: Listen to a remix of Rixton's new single – just for GT

Four hot guys who make brilliant music... don't say we don't spoil you...

Hot guys that make great music? What more could we want?

Enter Rixton, four ridiculously attractive Manchester lads who write music fusing pop, rock, and RnB; creating a sound that seems to merge similarities of bands like Maroon 5 and The Script.

Their debut single Make Out, was a catchy, teen house-party style track. The accompanying video was a brilliant parody of famous music videos, and featured a good few shots of the boys showing some flesh. We suggest you check it out for yourselves to truly appreciate it.

Now, the band are set to release their second single, Me and My Broken Heart, and we've managed to get our hands on an exclusive remix. Don't say we don't spoil you! Remember that song Lonely No More by Rob Thomas? Well, it’s a bit like that, except a lot better. We’ve had it stuck in our heads for a while now – and no doubt they're set to become your new favourite band. Well, they've become ours, anyway... have a listen below.

And if you wanted to see a little more skin (who wouldn't?!), here’s their video for Make Out. You can thank us later:

Me and My Broken Heart is available for pre-order on iTunes now, where you can also purchase the music video for Make Out. Enjoy.

Words: Nick Verrell, @nickverrell

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