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Listen: Lana Del Rey takes us to the West Coast

West Coast will be the leading single from Lana Del Rey’s new album Ultraviolence

Rumours surfaced earlier in 2013 that American sweetheart Lana Del Rey was bidding farewell to music for good, having her colossal fan base go into major meltdown – including her huge gay following. As you can imagine, it wasn’t pretty. There were a few tears shed at GT!

As last year came to an end though, the singer-songwriter made a surprising announcement just after releasing her short film TROPICO that she had been working away on new music and the new album will be titled, Ultraviolence. Seriously, can you get a better name for an album? Speculation that Del Rey was no more going to be delivering us heartstring-tugging anthems was swept under the carpet for good.

We’re just weeks away from another serving by Del Rey as the album drops on May 1; yes it’s really that soon! But, you know, that’s old news. What we’re really excited about is the lead single from the album, West Coast. Fabulous, seductive and as beautifully damaged as ever, the music industry is a much better place when Del Rey is around. But don't take our word for it. Have a listen below...

If Ultraviolence is anything like the Born to Die album and the Paradise edition, both packed up with songs about tragic romance, troubled youth and her pussy tasting like Pepsi Cola, then it’s going to be another flawless deliverance from the modern day Priscilla Presley. West Coast just confirms what we all already knew.

Words Darrell Larkin, @supernaturalboi

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