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EXCLUSIVE: The Plastics cover XO by Beyoncé

This naughty NSFW video pushes the boundaries of pop-based man-love

We’re sure you all remember The Plastics! The 3 campest lads you’ve ever seen with pink, blue and purple hair – oh and quite the colourful sense of style (beware: it may hurt your eyes).

Potentially the most flamboyant act ever to audition for X Factor, we couldn’t help but develop a soft spot for the boys. Their fan base grew and they went onto releasing loads of online videos making them quite the Internet sensations. Something to note before Googling, they’re not afraid to take their clothes off, and we’re not complaining - do we ever?

Their new video lets us get up, close and personal with the trio – and when we say personal, we mean personal. They’re covering Beyoncé’s recent hit XO, which you can have the pleasure of viewing… we mean, listening to.

They’re gaying it up to the max and, be warned, this video is NSFW and contains scenes of a sexual nature… well, they’ve sold it to us, and we’ve clicked away already. Expect to see tight briefs, well worked out abs, and lots of mutual male contact.

Darrell Larkin (@supernaturalboi)

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