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Listen: Top ten best-selling Abba singles

What better way to celebrate four decades of one of the biggest bands in pop?

It’s been 40 years since Swedish group Abba won Eurovision with the ultimate pop hit Waterloo. It wasn’t just a win for Sweden though; the gay icons went on to to becoming the highest selling pop group on the globe.

Countless golden pop gems have been released since the big win. It was a whole new era that fused pop culture and queer culture in an explosive way. So, we thank them, not just for the music (pun intended), but for giving us 40 years of excellent, cheese-smothered, and flamboyantly camp pop music.

Here are Abba’s ten best-selling singles to date… enjoy.

Dancing Queen, 1,100,000 copies sold.

Knowing Me Knowing You, 845,000 copies sold.

Super Trouper, 815,000 copies sold.

Fernando, 775,000 copies sold.

Take a Chance on Me, 705,000 copies sold.

The Name of the Game, 700,000 copies sold.

The Winner Takes it All, 620,000 copies sold.

Chiquitita, 575,000 copies sold.

I Have a Dream, 570,000 copies sold.

Waterloo, 510,000 copies sold.

Words: Darrell Larkin, More from GT Music