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Peaches Geldof dies at the age of 25

Peaches spoke out confidently on the importance of gay rights

Peaches Geldof was tragically found dead yesterday at the age of 25.

Thousands have already paid their respects to the mother-of-two, but here at GT, we want to remember the legacy she leaves behind as an outright supporter of same-sex marriage.

Back in 2012, she wrote a column for the Independent on her own experiences she had growing up with her two gay friends. Being close to the pair of them, she had a first-hand insight into their relationship, from the day they first met, to coming out to their parents to their 'civil partnership'.

She writes in her piece of her friend’s coming out: “His [Ben] mother was devastated, his father, in his words, ‘ruined’. They both told him he was sick and a failure. He left home.”

Her struggle to understand why anyone’s family could openly say this to their own child is what really enlightened us. She wanted others to understand that this was happening in the most damaging way.

“This man, who I loved so much, was marrying his best friend, his soul mate. Taking vows to stand by him until death. And why not? Why, if these two men wanted to be married in the country they were born in, would it only be regarded as a ‘civil partnership’ – a title more insulting than anything else, a half measure.”

Her aim to open the eyes of those against same-sex marriage, and those uneducated on the matter, was a praised act. She laid out the facts that are unarguable, because no one could go against what she had experienced being so close to her two friends as both a teenager and as an adult.

“I have had first-hand experience of how wonderful the introduction of gay marriage has been, and how negative and potentially damaging it is to not allow it, which just breeds more homophobia.”

Geldof closes the post with a powerful statement, a beacon of truth, and with what confirmed her as a truly remarkable human being. “I long for the day when we break free of this Orwellian ridiculousness, a nation of dictating pigs, where ‘all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.’”

While many will speculate and project meaningless rumour onto the uncertain circumstances of her death, GT wishes all of Peaches’ friends and family our heartfelt condolences at this time, and urges everyone to remember the unyielding ally this woman was to the LGBT community.

To read Peaches’ post in full, click here.

Words: Darrell Larkin, @supernaturalboi

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