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REVIEW: MXGP: The Official Motocross Game

Just imagine it's that bit in Charlie's Angels 2 (but without Pink)

With console racing games ten-a-penny, what makes MXGP stand out? The attention to detail, hands down. This is the first official game of the sport and makers Milestone have gone out of their way to bring this sport to your console. Tracks are recreated with as 1:1 scale realism, and specially-shot film cutaways of races and crowds inserted help the game suffuse the experience with the dirt and noise of the actual race. Facts and figures are displayed during load screens. Everything seems designed to be a celebration of the motocross experience, and a real love and care for it shines through with the production.

It could have just been a fan letter to motorcross, but thankfully the physics engine behind it revs up to deliver a great handing game too. Speed and jumps are deftly realised, and there are genuine clenching moments when a jump goes wrong and your poor rider ragdolls away into the sidings. If you're a beginner biker, video clips and voiceovers provide a helping hand on the throttle - though a complete tutorial would have been more of a boon as it does assume that this isn't your first ride. But once you have the controls sorted, it gives you genuine thrill to get your first jump down flawlessly. There's a multitude of modes to play in, so many options for customizing - you can even change the font on your jacket! - that so many possible tracks stretch out before you. Multiplayer options enable you to set up a Grand Prix, and online racing rounds out the package nicely. I found the most enjoyable option to be the Career mode where you can start your rookie rider off and progress him through the ranks, gaining better bikes as you go. Prior to this, the closest I've got to biking through the dirt is riding my Chopper with a mudpack facial on, but now I know what Yamaha YZ450RM is. And it goes very fast, let me tell you.

If you like a racing game, why not immerse yourself - and I truly mean immerse yourself - in this title. Not only is it a good racer, it is a realistic slice of the motocross world.


Words: Lee Binding

You can order MXGP here.

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