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Video: Foxes - Holding onto Heaven

Foxes impress with this downtempo but anthemic number

Louisa Rose Allen is the beady eyed, sugar-coated girl that we know as Foxes. She stole our hearts when she (finally) released Youth, a song that premiered 18 months before its actual release but attracted the attention she needed. It’s a slightly melancholic electropop song with a catchy hook, so it went down a treat with the electro whores at GT Towers.

Her label may have kept her caged for much longer than her growing fan base could stand, but it was well worth the wait. Foxes then went onto release her next single, the upbeat vocal-powered Let Go for Tonight, drowning out any claims that she may be a one hit wonder.

She is now getting ready to release her next single Holding onto Heaven, which has a simultaneous vibe to her previous two releases, but still stands alone as a thrilling, pleasant to the ears pop gem. Perhaps a little downtempo to be the soundtrack to your Friday night, but we’re not knocking it.

It’s a slow-paced start and the track sounds like it may be a heart-wrenching ballad, but the chorus lifts the mood with overlaid vocals and a more energetic beat.

It’s difficult not to take your eyes from Foxes throughout the newly released video, which resembles one of photographer Tim Walker's productions at its most expected, despite Walker not actually being involved in the video. It has an Alice in Wonderland setting, with a rotating room and young Louisa dancing around without a care in the world.

It ticks all the boxes; it’s colourful, it’s fun, its camp. And Foxes looks like a vision with her Twiggy-esque eyes and plumped up lips. We’re expecting this one to go down a treat on the Top 40.

Holding onto Heaven is released on 4 May 14 and her debut album Glorious is released 12 May 14.

Words: Darrell Larkin (@supernaturalboi)

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