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O-Town reunites as a four-piece after ten years

Yes, yet another boy band has reformed...

Who remembers the trippy video to Liquid Dreams by US boy band O-Town? It’s as camp and cheesy as pop gets. Spikey hair, baggy jeans and oiled up abs – that’s the naughty 00s alright.

It was a good ten years ago now but the band have confirmed they are reuniting to have another smash at pop success despite breaking up in 2003 after just four years together and with only two top 10 hit singles, Liquid Dreams and All or Nothing.

The band has spoken out to their UK fans saying, “First time around the UK was so welcoming to us and we got to spend a lot of time here! It holds dear memories and we are looking forward to making a million more in the UK."

And we sincerely hope their return is as cheese-smothered as it was all those years ago. More liquid dreams please boys!

The five-piece band was formed on TV show Making the Band but are returning as a four-piece due to Ashley Parker Angel having a different career choice in mind. He is obviously too busy posting topless selfies on Instagram… but we’re not complaining, he certainly hasn’t lost his body.

Words: Darrell Larkin, More from GT Music