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Tom Daley: "I'm definitely gay, not bisexual"

Daley isn’t batting for both teams anymore...

You all saw the video of Olympic diver Tom Daley confirming he was with a man and revealing that he was bisexual. We all went mad for it; our prayers had finally been answered!

However, newsflash! Daley isn’t batting for both teams anymore, sorry to break it you girls – he’s all ours. Speaking on ITV's Celebrity Juice, the young Olympian has confirmed he's 100% gay.

He said in his video posted on YouTube back in December 2013, “Of course I still fancy girls.” But it seems the 19-year-old was just breaking it to us easy, and has finally made the full exit from the closet.

Daley is about to embark on his new ITV2 show Tom Daley Goes Global – which will probably be his most clothed project yet. However we’re sure he’ll find an excuse to get back into those tight swimming trunks. The show is a further step into the world of showbiz and will see him travel around the world with his best friend pulling out their inner daredevils and getting up to all sorts of adventure.

How on earth will he cope for so long without boyfriend and gay rights activist Dustin Lance Black? There’s always Skype, we guess…

Catch Tom on Celebrity Juice, tonight at 10pm on ITV2.

Words: Darrell Larkin, @supernaturalboi

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