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Top 10 food tips for your wedding

Chef Matthew Phelps tells you the do's and don'ts of wedding fare

1) Create a menu that tells a story. Perhaps inspired by your first date, your heritage, a favourite dish, a favourite restaurant, a funny story or a special meal you shared together on holiday.

2) It's all about lavish and opulent feasting menus designed to make a statement. Get your guests sharing and interacting.

3) Over dressed "cordon bleu" presentations are dated and naff. We prefer natural but elegant plating. No swoshes. No swirls.

4) Fire up the BBQ! We love marinading and barbecuing whole lamb racks, lobsters, whole beef fillets and baby chickens to share.

5) Go for a light but satisfying menu. Bloated guests crashing before the party starts is not a good look.

6) Start the party with exciting canapés and sensational drinks. Goodbye frozen mini burgers. Hello sbagliato.

7) Offer late night treats to soak up the booze from a street food stand. Tacos, sliders, salt beef bagels and gourmet hot dogs.

8) Style it out with stylish and beautiful staff.

9) Demand a pre-tasting with your caterer. This shouldn't cost you the earth.

10) Be brave with your menu choices. It's better to have an exciting and memorable meal than one that's dull with mass appeal.

Matthew formed dining and events company Funthyme with the objective of delivering conceptual and creative food that not only provokes but most importantly tastes great. Specialising in contemporary weddings, private dining and BBQ's, Funthyme are advocates of opulent feasting menus, natural but elegantly presented canapés and inventive bowl foods.

Funthyme host Funthyme @ The Farm – A summer pop-up at Sptialfields City Farm. Tickets are on sale now here

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