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Review: The Wedding of Peter and David

One of the first same sex couples to get married... and we were there

This stunning spectacular staged at Islington Town Hall at one minute past midnight on the 29th of March 2014 was a one-off performance. Those lucky enough to have been invited were treated to a moving and beautiful meditation on what it is to love another human being.

Our two leads – Peter McGraith as ‘Groom’, and David Cabreza, also as ‘Groom’ – were perfect as the happy couple tying the knot. The chemistry between the photogenic pair was electric. They owned the space at all times, whether addressing the reporters and crowds of supporters outside on the Town Hall steps, or quietly stating their love for each other in the simple ceremony that saw them become the first legally married same-sex couple in the UK. McGraith also demonstrated a fine singing voice as he serenaded his husband-to-be in the lead-up to the legalities. We cried.

Peter Tatchell gave superb support in the role of ‘Chief Witness’. Tatchell lent an air of authority to proceedings, expertly straddling the fine line between activism and celebration – reminding us that there is still work to be done without preaching to the choir. (There wasn’t really a choir.) He also demonstrated a flair for comedy, just checking himself in time before sending an unfortunately worded tweet involving the boys ‘presenting their rings’.

Just as we thought the show was over, we were pulled into a stretch limousine and taken with the main cast to a popular late-night drinking establishment, where the two grooms were met with a hero’s welcome. More applause, more press, more champagne. And, of course, the traditional wedding-night drag performance.

As we said – this was a one off performance. There will probably never be a wedding quite like this again, with this level of press scrutiny, air of triumph, and sense of the hand of history. And that is as it should be. There will be many, many more similar productions, all of them unique and special in their own ways, but also normal, in the way that weddings are. Because that’s what being able to marry the person that you love should be – normal. Not that it’s compulsory, of course – those who consider gay marriage to be far too heteronormal, and wish to travel more unconventional relationship roads, are still free to do so – but right now let’s raise a glass to all the trailblazers and troublemakers, the activists and the advocates – to everyone who’s helped to make same-sex marriage mundane.

Congratulations to Peter and David.

GT gives this a 5/5

Words: Richard Unwin

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