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Event: Let's Talk About Gay Sex and Drugs

How much do you really know? Find out in London tonight...

Let's be honest you don't need to know about gay sex. You're already pretty good in that area. Or at least you think you are. Hmm, maybe. No? Are you?

What about drugs? Did you read that article about what actually goes into that wrap you devour at weekend? How much do you think you're ingesting, really?

In the long haul, this kind of stuff really matters. Getting yourself down to Manbar on Charing Cross, London, could be one of the easiest ways to either put your mind at ease and keep on fucking the way you love, or to get a little bit more information from gays in the know. The aim isn't to scare you straight, it's just to have a chat and share advice and experiences with other folk from across the city. You won't have to say much, anything at all really, and we know that some of you just won't shut up.

This isn't a debate, nobody is judging, nobody cares what you like to do, it's just an open discussion about sex, drugs and the mixing of the two because some of you like a bit of danger.

The event's going to be held by Pat Cash (not the tennis player despite how delicious that might be) and David Stuart from the 56 Dean Street Clinic. It will be an open and accepting forum for anyone who fancies it.

56 Dean Street will also be offering free on-site sexual health testing and advice for anyone who anyone who wants to talk in a more confidential fashion.

Check out the Facebook site and put yourself down for a slot.

Words: Joshua Hammond

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