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It’s the big day!

After an incredibly long fight for marriage equality, England & Wales perform the first same-sex weddings

The UK has come a long way since 1968, the year that homosexuality was declassified as an illness, via the implementing and eventual repeal of Section 28 to civil partnerships. Today will no doubt become a historical landmark in the progress of human rights.

While this is a huge step in the fight for equality, there’s still a lot of work to be done worldwide, with many countries still taking steps backwards when it come to rights of the LGBT community. Those of us who support equality will continue the battle, ensuring that across the globe, people will have the freedom to be who they were born to be; to live without fear of persecution and enjoy the same rights as everyone else.

Today, we will celebrate that our country has embraced this important decision, after 400 MPs voted in favour of same-sex marriage, and look forward to a future without discrimination.

GT would like to congratulate those tying the knot today, and wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

Check out the most recent issue of GT for more facts and statistics on same-sex marriage.

Words: Nick Verrell (nickverrell)

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