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AVERT in Malawi

The HIV/AIDS charity are raising funds to provide free HIV treatment to 20,000 people

Despite common misconceptions, HIV no longer has to be a life-threatening condition. Unfortunately, for those in countries with limited access to the correct treatment, this is not always the case.

UK-based international charity AVERT, are committed to averting HIV and AIDS across the world, through education, treatment and care. Along with their partner, the Umunthu Foundation in Malawi, they are raising funds to provide free HIV treatment to 20,000 people in their region - an area where around 20% of the population are living with HIV.

The aim is to raise £6000 through their crowdfunding campaign, to purchase a CD4 count testing machine, a device used to test the amount of white blood cells a person has in their body. Those living with HIV need this count monitored on a regular basis, to ensure they begin HIV treatment on time, and to confirm whether or not the treatment is effective.

People who test positive for HIV here are referred on to CD4 count testing services many miles away. The long distance means that many people are unable to make the journey, and so do not begin treatment on time, if at all.

£6000 will help 20,000 people (that’s 30p each), making sure they get treatment that will significantly improve their quality of life, and prevent the development of AIDS.

In the UK, we're fortunate to have access to a full range of HIV/sexual health services and treatments. These life-saving medical advancements are desperately needed in Malawi.

To find out more, or to make a donation, head to the: website

Words: Nick Verrell (nickverrell)

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