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Asifa Lahore – Tum Hi Ho

The UK’s premier Muslim drag queen releases Tum Hi Ho, her most significant music video to date.

A far cry from previous releases, such as Punjabi Girl (a parody of Barbie Girl), or Jimmy, which sees Lahore confessing her love for white guys. The latest video marks a change in pace, and has a much more serious tone to highlight its message.

“My version of Tum Hi Ho is about equal love and is a counter action to the stigma, discrimination and anti-LGBT laws being instated in India, Russia, Uganda and Nigeria,” says Asifa. “The concept of marriage is embedded in South Asian culture, and I want to show that South Asian LGBT communities are ready to embrace Gay Marriage in the UK.”

The video was requested, and entirely funded by members of the general public, in hopes that it may shed some light on the different sides of the South Asian LGBT community.

Its release comes a week after Lahore asked the question, ‘when will it be accepted to be Muslim and gay?’ on BBC Three’s Free Speech. Discussion of the topic was, ironically, censored. The shows presenter Rick Edwards, announced that, “after speaking to the Mosque, they have expressed deep concerns with having this discussion here.”

Words: Nick Verrell (@nickverrell)

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