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Review: Franz Ferdinand at Camden Roundhouse

Ten years later and we're still excited about the four-piece indie rockers...

A lot has changed since 2004. In the last decade we’ve had to endure Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and a coalition government. But there’s one constant from the last ten years we’ve always been able to rely on rain or shine; one reassuring constant we can always turn to when things are looking their most bleak. And that’s Franz Ferdinand’s ability to deliver infectious, jangly guitar-based indie disco-pop.

Whether it’s their eponymous debut from 2004, or last year’s fourth album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, Alex Kapranos and co have always fired on all cylinders with slick production, incendiary guitar licks and damn-good no-nonsense pop hooks. It’s why the complete width and breadth of their career gets a sound and solid and fair hearing at their pair of gigs at Camden’s Roundhouse in London.

Whether it’s fan-favourite album tracks from their self-titled effort like Jacqueline and Tell Her Tonight, or foot-stomping new belters like opener Bullet and Right Action, each track of the band’s 24-strong set is met with the same enthusiasm and gusto from the crowd; a testament to their all killer no filler approach to songwriting.

Sure, the faces Franz look out at from the stage might have aged as well in the past decade. We here at GT were spritely teens finishing our GCSEs when we first heard Take Me Out. But whether the band are playing to a Radio 1 audience or a Radio 2 audience, the adoration and adulation remains the same. Even we couldn’t resist reliving our student days and pogoing at the front during some of our favourite hits like Ulysses and The Fallen.

The thing we always loved about Franz Ferdinand was their nod to open sexualities with Michael, their anthemic ode to same-sex love from back in 2004 again. Not since Suede had a guitar band really flirted with the boundaries of sexuality, and it’s quite something to hear everyone in the sold out Camden Roundhouse screaming back every word, ten years on, with fantastic passion.

It’s an outright extraordinary hour and a half from Franz; a band who are still going strong ten years later, and proving that you don’t need the backing and support of a reality TV singing show to maintain relevancy as an indie band in 2014. We’re looking at you, Ricky Wilson. With just enough nods to the past, and a strong indication as to where their future’s heading, you can sign us up for the Franz Ferdinand fan club for another ten years.

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