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Introducing Rswash Gentlemen’s shower gel

What can you buy for the man who has everything? Rswash!

Pronounced {ärs}-{wâsh} (noun). To cleanse, scrub or clean one’s rear end.

Rswash™ is a unique gift for men and is the ultimate in novelty shower products specially formulated for a clean basement.

This is an ideal fun gift for the man with everything. Give it at birthdays, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, and every other day. It seriously keeps the cleft clean.

The UK's Ultimate Gift for Men!

The team has produced a high quality product that is the ultimate gift for a man. If you know the guy who has everything, the next gift he needs is a real product that can keep his crevice in top shape.

The cool aluminum bottle contains the pearlescent formula that is Rswash™. With its fresh coconut aroma, the special Rswash™ formula will soothe and cleanse leaving that fresh-after-shower feeling.

For more information on becoming a retailer of Rswash™ or if you wish to place an order for 16 or more bottles please contact us on 08432 081084 or or via our order page on our website.

We can only sell Rswash to customers within the United Kingdom and only dispatch to UK postal addresses.
Rswash Tip:

If you use Rswash to wash your hair and body, always do this prior to washing your crevice. This will help ensure you avoid unwanted unpleasantness getting in your hair.

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