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Review: Elton John – The Million Dollar Piano

GT were invited to an exclusive screening of Sir Elton's new film, and it was, of course, fabulous

Elton sashays onto the stage like a modern day Liberace to a rapture of applause, draped elegantly in a sparkly cape and blazer, and his first song is The Bitch is Back. It's quite possibly the campest thing we've ever seen (and that's saying something) but what would one expect from Elton John, really? He throws the some of the most iconic parties known to man, and this concert could be up there with some of his best.

The Million Dollar Piano was the name of Elton's most recent residency at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. The concert was filmed and is now ready to screen to audiences around the world – 40 countries in fact – in a whopping 1,200 cinemas. Unsurprisingly, Elton manages to pull the viewers straight in to the glitz and glam of Vegas, regardless of whether you're watching it from Hackney, Harrow or Hammersmith.

He bashes out some of his biggest and best songs and sounds better than ever in doing so. GT's personal highlights include Your Song (not that overplayed Ellie Goulding drivel), I'm Still Standing and Tiny Dancer. His vocals are effortless and strong, but it's the work of Blossom, the piano the concert is named after, that comes as the biggest surprise. It is a visual delight and features over 68 LED screens, creating a personalised backdrop to each song.

As well as an amazing catalogue of music, there are also plenty of gags scattered through the performances, including jokes about having sex with the piano (is that legal?) and references to Madonna, although the latter aren't quite as extreme as we would have liked. Remember when he called her a fairground stripper?

Whether or not you'd class yourself as an Elton fanatic, this is worth checking out. It's a guarantee you'll know over half of the setlist, it's a visual treat and a great way to relax for a couple of hours.

The concert film will be shown in cinemas for one night only on 22 March. Click here for details on venues and tickets. Oh, and check out the trailer below...

Words Perry Juby

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