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Change a Child’s Life

Find out about adopting in the Surrey area

Despite the 34% national increase in adopters, and record 15% rise in adoptions between 2012-2013, there are still children waiting to be adopted in the Surrey area.

“Surrey is striving to ensure all children in need of adoption are secured in permanent, loving homes. However, there are still children waiting to be placed in Surrey County – particularly those aged four years and over, sibling groups, or children from minority ethnic backgrounds" says Lynn Page from the Surrey Adoption Service.

Lilly*, four, and her brother Noah*, three, are typical of these children. Lily is a fun-loving, outgoing girl who loves to chat. A loving child, Lily enjoys cuddles, and is very caring towards Noah - they are very close. At school, she is naturally assertive and bright, and makes friends very easily.

Noah is a cheeky, lovable little boy. He’s active, and loves to run around playing with his ball. He attends a nursery and enjoys playing with his friends there. Noah is an independent little boy with a great imagination.

They did not have a good start to their lives. At home with their birth parents, they experienced neglect and witnessed domestic violence. They were not fed often enough, and were scared of loud noises due to the violence in their birth home. When Lilly and Noah first entered foster-care they were sad-looking and anxious. Since they have settled into their foster-home, they have relaxed a lot, and are blossoming into confident, secure, happy children.

Lily and Noah are looking for an adoptive home together. They are very close, and love spending time together. The children their foster-carer now describes, do not compare to how they appeared when they first came into care. Their personalities now shine through. The siblings have made real progress with their foster-carers, and would thrive even more in a permanent adoptive home.

If you are interested in adopting Lily and Noah, or any of the other children who are waiting for a family, then please get in touch.

Call our adoption team on: 08000 96 96 26 or

Find out more information on some of the other children waiting for homes in Surrey here: Surrey Council

*Names, image and identities have been changed to protect the children.

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