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The Fourth Choir perform concert in celebration of Same Sex marriage

At the Old Finsbury Town Hall, in Rosebery Avenue last night The Fourth Choir, celebrated Same Sex Marriage Laws, with a journey through 500 years of choral music with a performance called Love and Adoration - The Sacred and Profane.

In an ornate Victorian baroque setting lit by sculpted angels holding chandeliers, this newly assembled choir commenced with music from the 16th century by Thomas Tallis, Henry Purcell and San-Saens to name but a few. The show took its appreciative audience on a 90 minute journey through time to include pieces originally by The Swingle Sisters, Joni Mitchell and Anuna.

The highlights of the evening for me were the emotionally charged peformance of young composer Ed Rex's "This Marriage", a cheeky French ditty entitled "Il est Belle, Il est Bon" and the incredibly evocative arrangement of the Irish folk song "Carrickfergus".

The ensemble formed in September 2013 are made up of 20 LGBT singers ranging from soprano, alto, tenor to bass vocies led by Artistic Director Dominic Peckham, one of the UK's finest choral conductors. Dominic Peckham, also announced the launch of their pledge scheme to help raise fund to commission LGBT relevant choral music which is sadly lacking in modern day music.

Next up for the Fourth Choir is a recording of an EP in their rehearsal space at St Giles-In-The-Fields

For more information about this E.P, the pledge scheme and their future shows visit their website or follow them on Twitter @thefourthchoir and Facebook.

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