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SCI-MX Nutrition

SCI-MX has one mission – to help improve your physique, allowing you to be at your very best!

Using the latest scientific advances in muscle building supplementation, the SCI-MX range caters for every aspect of physique development and conditioning.

SCI-MX has cutting edge formulas that use the latest proven ingredients to help pack on muscle and improve overall power and performance. Whether your goal is to bulk up, tone or lose weight, SCI-MX has the perfect range of supplements to help you reach your desired outcome, ensuring that not only can you achieve these results quickly, but you can maintain them as well.

The SCI-MX HARDCORE series focuses on muscle mass, size and strength. The series includes a best-selling mass gain all-in-one, a precision formulated meal replacement, a pre-workout for focus and intensity, a high dose BCAA intra-workout and more. The SCI-MX HARDCORE series will help you to achieve better results from your workouts and gain muscle size faster, making you stand out in the gym for having an exceptional physique.

The SCI-MX LEANCORE series focuses on lean muscle and definition. The series includes a best-selling ultra lean all-in-one, a precision formulated meal replacement shake, a high concentration CLA softgel and a balanced thermogenic fat burner. The SCI-MX LEANCORE series is perfect if you are looking for a lean, toned and athletic physique.

The SCI-MX RIPPEDCORE series focuses on weight management and covers every aspect of fat control to support a healthy metabolism. The SCI-MX RIPPEDCORE series is formulated to shred body fat and promote ultra-lean muscle tone. The series includes a best-selling ultra lean all-in-one, a precision formulated meal replacement, a whey protein with added weight loss ingredients and a super-strength fat burner. The SCI-MX RIPPEDCORE series will ensure you build muscle and lose fat in the right places, giving you a ripped and defined physique.

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