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Kylie's Secret Gig

We minced down to East London to the most intimate Kylie Minogue gig EVER!

When it's 6:45pm and you've had a long, hard day of bitchery, dramatic shrieking and nervous breakdowns at GT Towers, nothing lifts your spirits like a cheeky email from Kylie's lovely publicist. A secret gig in a pub in East London you say? Let me stop shouting at this frightened work experience and head on over, honaaaaaaay!

Last night, (13 February) The Old Blue Last in London's trendy (Hashtag)Shoreditch was a fun but completely unassuming venue for such a momentous occasion. The only slight clue to what was happening here this evening was a bunch of screaming kweens at the venue's side door shouting 'I think I can see Kylie in there knocking back a cider and black!' She wasn't, FYI...

In what was basically the attic of an East End boozer, a room not much bigger than your average London Underground elevator was ram-packed with media luvvies, fashionistas, it boys, glitterbombed girls and 'gurls' and the fashionably unemployed. Like a 'who's she' of Londontown, the list included Daniel Lismore, wearing a genius wire mesh and pillow creation complete with electronic cigarette, Jonny Woo standing eight feet tall and looking divine with a 'Kim from How Clean is Your House' hair bun and the hardest working woman in clubland Jodie Harsh.

The crowd went insane as a STUNNING Kylie sashayed on stage singing Can't Get You Out of My Head wearing a wig last seen on Drew Barrymore in the opening scene of Scream. The odd loudmouth shouted messages of love at our fair princess to which she deliciously replied, "Quiet boys, it's not a flamin' Q&A". Only someone as sweet as Kylie could get away with that whilst claiming her water bottle is "actually filled with vodka".

After performing awesome new track Les Sex from her upcoming album Kiss Me Once, she performed new single Into The Blue. Just amazing. The woman is a pro and can even reduce a shoebox filled with hard-nosed hacks/PR types to screaming teenage girls. Our goddess then went to draw some bingo numbers for a select few VVIPs in a secret room (ooooooh!). Your faithful reviewer missed his chance to get in - flirting with some boy who wasn't interested, I was. I'm sure Kylie would have approved...

Words: Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin)

Check out Kylie's performance at Old Blue Last...

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