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Review: Robocop

Officially proving that the world of entertainment is out of new ideas...

Having spent years in the pipeline, the remake of cult 80s hit RoboCop was released last weekend. The film, which stars Joel Kinnaman in the lead role of Alex Murphy, the RoboCop, serves up a visual feast of special effects and a fascinating interpretation of the future.

It’s 2028 and unassumingly handsome cop Alex Murphy gets himself caught up in some dodgy dealings that ultimately end in his attempted murder. Luckily, his mutilation coincides with OmniCorp’s hunt for a subject to use in a trial, and that trial just so happens to be the idea of the RoboCop. What very little is left of Alex’s anatomy is used as the starting point to build a crime fighting robot, following permission from his ever-suffering wife Clara, in a sincere and endearing performance from Abbie Cornish.

The plot is just as relevant as it was when the original was released in 1987, but worries that the (albeit, amazing) special effects distract from the plot. Although there is some character development evident, it always seems to come in at second place to the video game style shoot-em-up scenes. The heart of the film comes in the shape of Alex’s wife and son, but they are so rarely seen, it’s easy to forget they exist.

The film is a fast-paced, flashy and very entertaining romp, but we can’t help but feel something was missing. Maybe Joel Kinnaman didn’t get his kit off enough, or maybe we found it difficult to relate to the characters. Either way, though, it will satisfy the needs of anyone looking for a bit of fantasy fun.

GT gives this a 3/5.

Words: Perry Juby (@PerryJuby)

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