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Will Pike presents a brand new method of fitness, nutrition and wellbeing tailored to gay men.

Personal trainer Will Pike has thought-up an innovative new approach to fitness and health, aptly titled love:Fitness. The regime is tailored exclusively for gay men and provides a programme to help cleanse your mind, body and entire outlook on health and exercise.

For those of us that have either given up on, or are yet to start our New Year’s resolutions to get fit and healthy, hold up just a moment and put down that bowl of cabbage soup. Health and fitness guru Will Pike has breathed a new lease of life into a topic we all thought we knew so well, with the introduction of the four pillars of health and happiness: life, mindset, movement and food.

Love:Fitness was born from Will’s own frustration and personal demons about the way he looked. Plagued by the vision that he was spotty, skinny and weak, he spent years in the gym working on his physique, praying that others would deem him attractive. His muscles may have grown, but his mindset was still stuck in reverse - he felt no better about himself. Having dealt with this for far too long, he decided to create a programme that focuses as much on the emotions as the body in order to prevent people feeling the same way that he did. Will adds, “When you think all those negative thoughts about yourself, you’re in fact telling every single cell in your body, all 50 trillion of them, that they’re not worthy.”

Will worked out that the key to a good body is ensuring your desires are born from a healthy place, not borne out of insecurities. Following this, it’s important to remove any excuses that prevent progress, such as, working out is too hard, or I can eat what I like today because I exercised. But how exactly should we be treating our bodies? Will believes we should treat ourselves the way we would treat a best friend, or a pet. We should nurture, protect, feed and exercise it, step-by-step, every day. When all of this is done, and you are in a positive mindset, then it becomes so much easier to achieve fitness related goals.

Working one-on-one with Will means you can learn his teachings at your own pace, as well as receiving a weekly exercise plan, which is tailor-made to suit your own desires, needs and strengths. If you're looking for a new approach to fitness and wellbeing that will make for permanent positive changes and good habit, this is the one, sweetie.

More details can be found at Hear more from Will himself on the video below:

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