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Jim’ll Paint It takes on Putin

The now infamous interweb painter joins the fight against homophobia

While Jim'll Paint It sounds like a dodgy decorating company, it’s actually one man named Jim, presumably with a lot of time on his hands, and Microsoft Paint. And it's bloody marvellous!

By popular demand, Jim, who designs freely by online request, will paint any ridiculous scenario that people from around the interweb can conjur up. And judging by some of the people who use the internet, there's enough twisted ideas to keep Jim creating until the end of time.

Now, Jim has lovingly reimagined the sour-faced Vladimir Putin as every member of the Village People on four colour tees. The t-shirt is well timed, as the Village People’s gay disco anthem Y.M.C.A was blasted out during a speed skating event at the Sochi Winter Olympics on Sunday, requested by a fan during intermission.

The Village People join a number of other famous figures brushed by Jim, including a trippy Dot Cotton. Though not as bizarre as Cher riding on the back of the Duke of Wellington statue through Glasgow or Brian Blessed fighting a polar bear!

Jim commented on Facebook that he was stunned to have raised £775 for LGBT rights charity Stonewall through sale donations. He’s now also decided to donate to the Human Rights Watch, who are fighting LGBT abuse in Russia. £5 from every t-shirt sale will be split between the charities.

The design is also available as a canvas print. That’s one for the fireplace!

Take a look at Jim's awesome website, or purchase the T-shirts and canvas print. Jim, we salute you!

Words: Zarrion Walker (@zazzwalker)

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