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Annie debuts Russia protest video and track

Quick, turn off Sochi and get listening to this...

Remember Annie? The Grammy winning pop-starlet behind the genius electro-pop Chewing Gum fame? Well, hot from Norway comes Russian Kiss, a song and accompanying short film from Annie and acclaimed artist Bjarne Melgaard.

The infectious song, which is supported by the Freedom of Expression Foundation, is aimed at Russia’s anti-gay ruling and speaks of equality and love amongst all people. Boasting lyrics such as, ‘shake a fist for the Russian kiss’, and, ‘show your love for the lovers, the others, the fighters, outsiders, people like you’, we reckon it's going to become iconic – not only with Annie fans worldwide, but as an anthem for the LGBT community as a whole.

Annie penned the song in September upon hearing about the happenings in Russia and enlisted the help of her producer Richard X to bring the song to life. It was recorded in London in November and is released today, 7 February, to coincide perfectly with Sochi 2014, the Russian Olympics.

The music video is the brainchild of Bjarne Melgaard, the provocative artist who hit headlines last week with his ‘Black Woman Chair’, a chair molded like a naked black woman on her back. We predict the colourful and hard-hitting music video, which features streams of same-sex couples lip-locking, will cause quite the stir, and all in the name of a great cause.

And the best bit about it? All proceeds from the track go to, a charity building a global movement in love and equality worldwide. How's that for a Friday afternoon feel-good factor?

Perry Juby, @perryjuby

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