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Kavana’s Big Reunion Diary

Kavana’s back, back, BACK! The 90’s nipple-flasher (oh how we loved those Smash Hits shoots…) returns to TV screens in ITV2’s The Big Reunion this week. But just HOW is a solo singer going to reunite… Read on, as Kavana writes exclusively for GT!

I got the call for the new series of The Big Reunion last September. Well, to be honest, my manager received an email asking for him and myself to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before we could be told what it was about… As it was from ITV my immediate thought was The Big Reunion, as I knew that the year before they started talking to bands around the same time. But then I thought ‘how on earth could I reunite with myself?’

They told me that they had an idea to create a band, or 'supergroup', with four solo artists. Those being myself, Gareth Gates, Adam Rickitt and Kenzie. (Dane Bowers was still in talks with Another Level about doing it, so he came on board later...)

Although I was glad to be asked, and it wasn’t the busiest time for me workwise (OK, I was sleeping on a mates couch and signing on), I had to question how or if this random collaboration could work... I mean, Gareth Gates? Never met him. Adam Rickitt? The reason I left my first manager. AWKWARD. Kenzie? He raps though? Of course I wasn’t going to turn it down, but it took a day or two to get my head round it. Thankfully the Another Level reunion fell through, so then we were told we had Dane on board and this as-yet-unnamed man band was complete.

What followed was filming of the band meeting for the first time, which involved polite hellos and banter. A band night out where we loosened up and Adam and I discussing *that* awkward story, and a day where the cameras did a 'day in the life' of each us going about our day to day doings.

January came and we were thrown into rehearsals a week before the other bands so we could figure out how the hell we were going to turn our solo hits into group numbers. We had to re-record our songs from scratch and then there was the added part of staging – do we dance? Is there a lead
singer? Who’s on backing vocals? It wasn’t easy to begin with, but slowly but surely what could have been a recipe for disaster began to work surprisingly well...

Then it was time for all the bands to meet. A1. Damage. Eternal. Girl Thing. 3T. And 5th Story (we finally got ourselves a name) – all these egos in one room hoping to reclaim their glory and patch up their differences… We stood in a circle and introduced ourselves. Pop rehab! “We are Eternal.” Singing coach Yvie asks them “And where’s Louise?” “WE have had three hit albums without Louise… YOU tell us?” replies Esther. Ground. Swallow. Amazement. As we go round each group it’s clear to see this is going to be an interesting. fun, SCARY rollercoaster and so far it’s been that and much more…

So there we go, pop high school reunites! I’d like to tell you more but that, you see, would ruin it. Fasten your seatbelts and wave your 90s Nokias in the air – it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Kav x

The Big Reunion is on ITV2, Thursdays at 9pm

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