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Everyone's wet shaving and this is why!

The hottest trend right now is the astonishing rise in traditional wet shaving.

The question is why? Personally, we think it’s a combination of things:

• Guys finally acknowledging that electric razors are not good for the skin.
• The ever increasing cost of cartridge blades such as Gillette Fusion and Mach3, it now costs £2.00 for a Mach3 blade that’s only good for 5-shaves max.
• The desire for the Don Draper Mad Men and Leonardo Dicaprio Wolf of Wall Street clean cut, uber-cool look

You don’t want to miss out, so here’s what you need to get started.

Bin the electric razor and your multi blade cartridge razor; instead invest in a safety razor. They are easy to use and you’ll get the closest most comfortable shave ever. The German made Muhle R89 is the perfect razor. Personna Razor Blades, sharp and kind to the skin.

To get the perfect shave you’ll need a decent shaving cream, Simpsons shaving cream is ideal for use with a safety razor as it delivers a rich, lubricating cream for the razor to glide over. Shaving gels and foams are not only loaded with skin harming chemicals they simply don’t provide the cushioning and lubrication your razor blade needs.

A Shaving Brush lathers up shaving cream easily and it generates a rich, creamy lather while at the same time lifting and softening the bristles making a close shave easier. The Executive Shaving Company Super Badger Hair Brush is made in England from the finest grade of badger hair, so soft on the face.

After shaving, wash the face in warm water to remove all traces of shaving cream then splash the face with cold water to close the pores. Dry the face by patting gently with a cotton towel. Then apply an After Shave Soother, Audaca is ideal as it cools, soothes and moisturises shaved skin.

The above kit of safety razor, razor blades, shaving brush, shaving cream and after shave soother costs only £91.45.

Shaving Tips

• When shaving always use a sharp razor blade, the sharper the blade the less passes are needed and less passes = less irritation.
• Avoid shaving skin problems such as ingrown hairs and razor burn by using a light touch and shaving in the direction in which the hair grows twice and then finally once against the grain. Never shave on a first or second pass against the grain.
• Shave in short strokes of around 30 mm at a time and hold the safety razor at an angle of around 30 degrees to the face, short stokes makes it easier to maintain the right shaving angle.

Executive Shaving stocks everything you need to get the well groomed look, shaving, skin care, hair care, bath and shower and more.

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