Time to rubber up!

Hoxton Rubber Photographic Art Gallery presents “Exhibition 3”

Too often fetish is confused with pornography, but as you can see from the super-sexy image above, Hoxton Rubber offers an alternate view to that common misconception.

Hoxton Rubber is an online photographic art gallery specialising in photography of guys in rubber/latex, cycling clothing and motor biker gear, and boy are these pictures HOT!

Celebrating their first anniversary in January of this year, what started off as a simple “idea” has grown into something much bigger than any of the guys involved with Hoxton Rubber could have imagined.

Owner Jules told the Gay Times: “Some of the most erotic images I have ever seen are actually where the guys keep their clothes on! Where you have an opportunity to use your imagination.”

“For a moment just think of a handsome guy in motorbike gear. He looks confident, strong, rugged and utterly masculine. He looks like he is in control. A guy in skintight rubber/latex looks sexy, erotic and vulnerable at the same time. A fetish is often about control, power and status. Biker leathers and rubber/latex garments can change your perception to create an erotically charged atmosphere.”

“My photos are set in simple everyday surroundings. Fetish is not about cold dark dungeons, pain or dodgy night clubs. Its about making an effort and exploring yourself and your partner in the comfort of your own home.”

For many viewers this is a very much a fantasy come true – who wouldn’t want to invite some of these sexy guys into their home?

“Your first reaction may be simply to think that I take good photos. But it’s actually much more complicated than that. I want to be provocative and engaging, but not vulgar. I want you to be able to raise the topic of fetish with your boyfriend and talk about it. I want people to have better sex by understanding themselves and their needs. Use my work to start that conversation.”

“We were amazed that so many people all over the world can relate to our work and we have now launched “Exhibition 3”. We really would like everyone to come and take a look at our stunning high resolution photographs and support us if you love our work.”

And with so many hot, sexy pictures, what’s not to like?

You can view their stunning photographs here Hoxton Rubber

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