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VIDEO: Jonte' Moaning

Jonte' gives you Dejavux fierceness

When a new diva takes to the stage, we wonder if we should even bother paying attention. With so many musical talents emerging, the charts have become a revolving door of wannabe stars and musical car crashes. So what does Jonte' Moaning have that the other cookie cutter popstrels don't? To put it simply, he is Beyoncé’s choreographer and he is Fierce with a capital F!

You may recognise his face, take a look at the Freakum Dress music video by Beyoncé, he’s in it. He's also just released the new music video for his latest musical offering, a club thumping dance extravaganza of pure disco ball filth. The song entitled ‘Dejavux’ is a contemporary visit to the club kids of the 80s, with neon clothes and S&M inspired costumes that give you the urge to step out onto the dance floor. It is clear where Beyoncé get’s her moves. If you didn’t know that Jonte' works her routines then you would swear he was imitating Queen Bey.

Jonte’s had plenty of experience modelling and it shows up frequently in his new video. Expect plenty of high fashion moments that will have you gagging over the outfits and accessories, and quite possibly make some mental notes for your next Pride costumes.

You really need to get on this track and ride it for all its worth! Check out the video below:

Words: Daniel Riding

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