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Macklemore and co push equality at Grammys

33 same sex and opposite sex couples get married at 2014 Grammy Awards performance

We’re really impressed by Macklemore’s commitment to promoting gay rights, especially after after his performance at the 56th Grammy awards.

The seven minute long performance featured 33 couples getting married during the song, setting a new benchmark in stage extravagance. Macklemore was joined on stage by Mary Lambert, Ryan Lewis, Queen Latifah and Madonna.
They performed ‘Same Love’, which was nominated for Song of the Year at the awards, the song is about gay rights, and was written in support of the passing of the gay marriage acts in the USA.

The performance also sampled Madonna’s 1986 hit “Open your heart”, although the singer sounded slightly out of tune when performing this.

Macklemore has previously won awards for his advocacy of LGBT rights through his music, including “Best Music Video with a Message” at the 2013 NME awards. Mary Lambert, who provides the female vocals on the hit single is an active LGBT rights campaigner, promoting the work of gay rights activists through her work as a musician.

The performance seemed to be the perfect time to promote equality, especially when tensions around the world are at a high in the face of the upcoming Sochi Olympics, starting on 7th February.

We say good on you Macklemore! Rap music has some of the most homophobic lyrics, so to have a such an uplifting song in the spotlight once again is commendable.

Check out the performance below...

Words by Chris Hitchings (@cwnhitch)

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