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Interview: Guilt & Shame: Addicted to Everything

The rude, crude and delightfully hilarious duo chat to GT

The hilarious gay/straight comedy duo Robert Cawsey and Gabriel Bisset-Smith are coming to London's Soho Theatre with their five-star sell-out show Guilt & Shame: Addicted to everything. It's sure to be your new addiction, pairing religion with sexuality, bestiality (what!?) and, wait for it… rapping transvestites! Already a massive hit at Bestival and last year's Edinburgh Fringe, We caught up with Rob and Gabe to give us the lowdown on their deliciously crass show

Hey guys, what are you up to right now?
Rob: Failing miserably at ‘dry January’.
Gabe: Wanking myself blind.

Lovely. We LOVE the sound of your show. Tell us more...
Rob: It’s a sketch show about a friendship between a gay man and a straight man and follows the addictions that we, and members of the audience, have in our lives. Gabe’s character is a sex addict and mine is a gay virgin. These are huge exaggerations of reality for comic effect.
Gabe: Exaggerations!? I see it more as a documentary.

Go on, be honest, how much of the show is true?
Rob: A fair amount is based on the reality of our lives. Some is total fantasy. Like the bestiality… honestly.
Gabe: What?! None of it is true apart from the bestiality! In our defence, it was one sexy corgi.

How did you guys end up working together? 
Rob: We met in a gay club where Gabe was trying to pull my female friends. They eventually all left and we ended up stuck together.
Gabe: The best way to get laid is to become a rock star, but neither of us can play any instruments so we went into the next best thing... comedy!

Gabriel, you were also a contributor to hit TV show Skins. That was a boundary-pushing show; do you think your writing in that prepared you for scripting Guilt & Shame?
Gabe: Yes, although I had lots of ideas that were too filthy for Skins so I put them in this show.

There's also audience participation. What's the most outrageous thing you've ever incorporated into the show?  
Rob: I don’t want to give too much away, but the show features PIME (pornographic mime) with a member of the audience.
Gabe: When we played Bestival we made some poor bloke dressed as a squid, or something, do PIME in front of about five hundred people. Def one of our highlights.

The show was a big hit in Edinburgh but Soho is well-known for its sordid escapades. Do you think you'll be able to suitably shock the Soho crowd?
Rob: London audiences are quite different. Many of the subjects we cover are obtained from the audience with the use of a ‘mind reading app’ we have. So it all depends on how sick they are.
Gabe: Soho is our stomping ground and the source of a lot of our material, so they’ll definitely appreciate it the most. And I fuck a swan so that should give ’em a shock.

Tell us more about the rapping transvestites…
Rob: This is Gabe’s alter ego. He enjoys doing it way too much. I think he’s more comfortable in a dress than a suit.
Gabe: She’s got a rap about every type of dick in the world that I’m very proud of.

What's next for you guys?
Rob: We’re working on a new show for 2014 and we’ll be taking that to Brighton and Edinburgh fringe. We’re also working on a TV version of the show.
Gabe: Wanking myself blind.

Guilt & Shame: Addicted to Everything is at Soho Theatre, London, 30 January – 1 February 2014.
For tickets, visit

Words: Mark Singleton (@Marksingleton_)

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