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World Sport Presents: Journey of the Gay Athlete

CNN joins the fight against homophobia in sport with this incredible one-hour documentary

It's sad to say, but the world of sport has always had its issues with publicly accommodating its LGBT athletes. And despite how progressive the world claims to be, sport is the one place where homophobia is still a major issue.

On the other hand, the number of male footballers now coming out and declaring their sexuality seems to suggest this issue is getting the much-needed attention it needs – a step forward to eliminating homophobia in sport for good.

If we take a look at sport, the initial connotations that it brings forth are of competition, camaraderie and, ironically, pride. But recently, it has come to light just how bad homophobia on the pitch, in the court or on the field has really become.

It's why we're throwing our full support, then, behind a special one-hour documentary to be aired on CNN this weekend, titled World Sport Presents: Journey of the Gay Athlete. CNN will seek to examine both homosexuality and subsequent homophobia in sport, with exclusive interviews with the inspirational people fighting to eliminate sport's last taboo.

Among them is Robbie Rogers, out-and-proud professional footballer for LA Galaxy, talking about how he dealt with growing up gay on the pitch and how coming out in the international world of football was his greatest fear.

Then there's Brittney Griner, a talented basketball player for Phoenix Mercury, who talks about her experiences of being bulled for being a lesbian, and speed skater and former GT cover star Blake Skjellerup, who says he always saw his sexuality as a barrier that could potentially make his dream of representing his home country of New Zealand in the Olympics impossible to achieve.

For anyone out there supporting the fight against homophobia in sport – on whatever level – this is must-watch television. Catch it on CNN International if you can.

World Sport Presents: Journey of the Gay Athlete airs on CNN International on Saturday 11 January at 9am and 8pm, and on Sunday 12 January at 3am and 11am.
Words: Daniel Riding @danielriding

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