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Check out these 100% vegan cosmetics for guys!

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01/10/2014 14:19:10

Atlantis sets sail for exotic Asia

Get ready for the cruise of a lifetime as Atlantis prepares to set sail for Asia.

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01/10/2014 11:48:42

Red Hot 100 boys are back

Hot 100 Returns!

GT Hunks

30/09/2014 18:44:28

Joan Rivers spoke to GT in her final days

The late star's interview features in 30th anniversary magazine

GTea Break

30/09/2014 18:32:20

Vivienne Westwood says frack off

Designer speaks out on tracking

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30/09/2014 17:58:42

Review: Kylie at the O2

GT goes along to her Kiss Me Once tour

GT Music

30/09/2014 10:57:04

Exclusive: The divine Bette Midler speaks to GT

Bette Midler is one of the 30 gay icons in our Birthday Issue!

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29/09/2014 17:10:16

The Daring And Provocative Hit Of The Edinburgh Fringe, The Curing Room

The Curing Room transfers to London Pleasance Islington

GT Stage

29/09/2014 16:04:02

We chatted with Tokyo Diiva, and she's so Wimbledon

Rich White Ladies singer on her new anthem

GT Music

29/09/2014 15:37:02

Your perfect home in the heart of London

Explore The Valentine: The perfect must-have new home.

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29/09/2014 14:41:16