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Thirty years since HIV was discovered and young gay men still lack important information about the virus

New research reveals that less than half of men new about treatment to prevent transmission...

GT Community

23/04/2014 17:50:36

Fancy meeting THE Brad Pitt? Yes, really

It'll only set you back £15,000... but good news, it's all for charity...

GTea Break

22/04/2014 17:50:29

PJ Brennan: "Let's not fight, let's talk"

GT's exclusive columnist shares his two cents on the Alan Carr/PETA "fairy" debate...

GT Community

22/04/2014 15:55:28

Tickets for FATAL ATTRACTION from £25!

GT Reader Offer

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22/04/2014 14:40:46

Mariah Carey has shared a snap of her and the family from Easter, and it's the best

Because, y'know, why not?

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22/04/2014 13:42:57

Exclusive preview: Drag Queens of London

Drag Queens of London debuts tonight from 10pm...

GT Screen

22/04/2014 13:36:32

Willam Belli has made a new video

...and it’s very definitely NSFW

GT Music

22/04/2014 12:03:11

Interview: Atomic Kitten

Their arena tour has been cancelled... so here's our interview that would've been...

GT Music

17/04/2014 17:32:08

Exclusive interview: Hollyoaks hunk Ayden Callaghan

We talk to the former GT cover star, who's up for sexiest male at the British Soap Awards...

GTea Break

17/04/2014 16:49:10

INTERVIEW: Doctor Who – Tom Baker

The original series of Doctor Who has a new home on The Horror Channel, starting this Easter weekend. GT went to the...

GT Screen

17/04/2014 11:44:09