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Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco

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Legal Notes

California's Sodomy laws were repealed through legislative action in 1976. California is one of the 13 US states with has anti-discrimination laws protecting lesbian and gays. In California the legislation covers public and private employment, public housing and education.


33.87 million


Parts of California have a cold winter, with many of the mountains providing opportunities for winter sports, despite average daily temperatures reaching 19 °c on the coast. Sunseekers will find that southern California has relatively dry sunny winters. Daily average sunshine is about 8 hours, whilst as many as 24 days on average are dry. The onset of spring removes the last of the snow from the mountains, but it is a very dry season. As many as 30 dry days may be recorded on average. The season is quite sunny, with some 9 hours of sunshine on average. Temperatures are generally little different to the winter months, although by May, the daily average maximum is up to about 20 °c. California is a State of Contrasts in the summer months. Extreme temperatures can be found in Death Valley (up to 46 °c) whilst San Francisco has cool summers due to onshore breezes and sea fog, and Los Angeles suffers extensively from smog. The average daily maximum temperatures at these cities are 21 - 24 °c, the average daily sunshine is 10-12 hours, and dryness is again a key factor, in many instances no rain being recorded at all. The autumn months are still warm, with average daily maximum temperatures attaining a comfortable 22 - 24 °C and between 8 and 10 hours of sunshine occurring, and about 28 dry days on average.

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