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Salt Lake City

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West Valley City, Provo, Sandy

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Legal Notes

Utah has anti-sodomy laws that criminalises oral or anal sex, between both heterosexual and homosexual adults including in the privacy of their homes. The penalty is 6 months or a $1,000 fine. Direct criminal enforcement of these laws against private activity between consenting adults is rare.


2.23 million


Utah enjoys a distinct four-season climate. In summer the days are hot with average maximums in July of 33c but with cool nights. In winter, the temperatures are low with average day time maximums of 0c in January and a lot of snow in the north. The climate varies from north to south and from desert to mountain. Summer days are hot in the desert but temperatures drop dramatically at night. Travellers will need extra clothes when travelling in the mountains in summer or winter. Annual precipitation varies from less than 125mm in Utah's Great Salt Lake desert to more than 1500 inches in the northern mountain ranges. The best time to visit is in the Spring and Autumn months.

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