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Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Fort Worth

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Legal Notes

Texas has anti-sodomy laws that criminalises oral or anal sex, between homosexual adults including in the privacy of their homes. The penalty is a $500 fine. Direct criminal enforcement of these laws against private activity between consenting adults is rare. However, these sodomy statutes have been used to deny employment to gay job applicants. In March 2001, the Texas 14th Court of Appeals rejected a Lambda challenge to the law and ruled that it was constitutional. Lambda has petitioned for review to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.


20.85 million


Texas is a huge state with varying climates but generally the climate is very hot and humid in the summer months and mild to cool in the winter. Western Texas receives very little rainfall (200mm a year) with the exception of the higher elevations. Northern Texas is infamous for its quickly changing weather. This is the area of the state that receives remarkable tornadoes and hailstorms. This is also the only region of the state to accumulate snow. An average of 375mm falls each year along with 500mm of rain. Eastern Texas experiences hot and humid summers. Temperatures in Fort Worth and Dallas often reach 36c degrees in July and August. This is uncomfortable for traveling. Average temperatures in winter are 12-14ºc inland and 19-22ºC by the coast. The best time to visit is during the spring and autumn months.

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