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Legal Notes

Rhode Island recently repealed their sodomy laws in 1998. All criminal laws now apply equally to gay and non-gay people. Rhode Island is one of the 13 US states which has anti-discrimination laws protecting lesbians and gays. The legislation covers public and private employment, public and private housing and credit. In July 2001 the law was extended to the transgendered. Rhode Island also has hate laws establishing additional penalties for crimes committed because of hatred towards the victim’s actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender.


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The proximity to Narragansett Bay and the Atlantic Ocean plays an important part in determining the climate for Rhode Island. In winter, the temperatures are modified considerably, and a good many of the major storms drop their precipitation in the form of rain, rather than snow. In summer, many days that would otherwise be uncomfortably warm are cooled by refreshing seabreezes. At other times of the year, sea fog may be advected in over land by onshore winds. In fact, most cases of dense fog are produced in this way; but the number of such days is few, averaging 2 or 3 days per month. In early Autumn, severe coastal storms of tropical origin sometimes bring destructive winds to this area. The best time to visit Rhode Island is during the summer months from May to September.

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