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Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron

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Legal Notes

Sodomy laws were repealed in Ohio through legislative action in 1974.


11.35 million


Ohio as a moderated Continental climate due to the effects of the Great Lakes. Summers are warm with temperatures rising to 30c in July though Lake Erie has a cooling effect in areas close to the lake. For visitors Autumn is usually the most pleasant season of the year, with mild, sunny weather often being prolonged into November and even December. In the winter, Ohio lies in the path of many cold airmasses advancing south and east from Canada, but the accompanying low temperatures are usually mitigated by such air having to cross the relatively warm waters of the lake. Such a combination, however, results in an excessive amount of winter cloudiness and quite frequent snows. The persistence of snow cover is seldom great, though, since it rarely remains below freezing for very long.

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