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Carson City

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Las Vegas, Reno, Henderson

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Sodomy laws were repealed in Nevada through legislative action in 1993. Nevada is one of the 13 US states which has anti-discrimination laws protecting lesbian and gays. The legislation covers public and private employment and union practices.


1.37 million


The climate in Nevada is very dry with abundant sunshine, light rainfall and snow. Summers are typically "desert" with maximum temperatures usually in excess of 35c. The proximity of the mountains contributes materially to the relatively cool summer nights, with the majority of the minimums being between 21c and 24c. Summers are not as uncomfortable as indicated by the daytime maximums, because of the prevailing low humidity. Winters, on the whole, are mild and pleasant. Daytime temperatures average near 17c, and with mostly clear skies and warm sunshine, there is little decrease in outdoor activities. The spring and autumn seasons are generally considered most ideal for visitors.

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