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Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren

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In Michigan Organization for Human Rights v. Kelley 1990 a trial court ruled Michigan’s sodomy law unconstitutional under the state constitution. The ruling was not appealed that ruling so it is thought the decision is binding on all state prosecutors. However, because the case was brought on behalf of select individuals and not all residents and because the decision was not appealed, current status of the law is in doubt.


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Michigan's climate is controlled by major storm tracks and the influence of the Great Lakes. The normal wintertime storm track Is south of Detroit with storms bringing periods of snow or rain. In summer most storms pass to the north of the State, often with brief showers and occasionally with heavy thundershowers or damaging winds. The Great Lakes smooth out most climatic extremes. Precipitation is distributed evenly through all months of the year. The most pronounced lake effect occurs in the colder part of the winter. Arctic air moving across the lakes is warmed and moistened. Cold waves approaching from the northern plains are much reduced in intensity. But the price is an excess of cloudiness and very little sunshine in the winter. Summers in Michigan are warm and sunny. Brief showers usually occur every few days. Temperatures rarely exceed 30c with most summer days being comfortable. In winter skies are cloudy and temperatures average near the freezing point. Day to day changes are not large. The best time to visit is during the summer months from May to September.

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