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Baton Rouge

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New Orleans, Shreveport, Lafayette

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Legal Notes

Louisiana has anti-sodomy laws that criminalises oral or anal sex, between both heterosexual and homosexual adults including in the privacy of their homes. The penalty is 5 years or a $2,000 fine. Direct criminal enforcement of these laws against private activity between consenting adults is rare. The Louisiana Supreme Court recently upheld that state's sodomy law in State v. Smith. Another legal challenge is pending in State v. Legal.


4.47 million


Louisiana has a very humid subtropical climate though the proximity of the Gulf has a modifying effect on the temperature decreasing the range between the extremes. There are daily sporadic afternoon thunderstorms from mid-June to September keeping the temperature from rising much above 30c. From about mid-November to mid-March, the area is subjected alternately to the southerly flow of warm tropical air and to the northerly flow of cold continental air in periods of varying lengths. A fairly definite rainy period is usual from mid-December to mid-March. A good time to visit is October and November when it is dry and temperatures are not too oppressive.

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