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Beyoglu's new place to be seen is: Frappe In the heart of Beyoglu, one of Istanbul's most colourful and historical districts, long a haunt of the discerning traveller, a brand new venue has opened: Frappe ... Frappe’s clients come from evey profession: journalists, artists, students, business people...Why not join us to start your day with a leisurely breakfast, which we serve from 9.00am? You can also sit for brunch, lunch and snack food during the day. We would however recommend a reservation for dinner as Frappe gets very busy later on where conversation in a friendly, chilled out atmosphere continues until the early hours of the morning. Cheques and major credit cards are welcome. Parking is fully catered for.Frappe’s aim is to satisfy the discerning connoisseur and all dishes are prepared with great care by executive chef, Mr Yusuf. Hungry tummies come to Frappe!Why not chose from our belly-busting dishes such as Çapkin and grilled vegetables, pastas and salads made with our well-guarded secret recipe sauces prepared by our own chef. If you're less hungry, why not try our snack bar... As well as this, our menu also has some snack dishes and, for the less adventurous, our Frappe hamburger is also available. Music, Internet and a warm environment;We have a wide selection of music during the day including jazz, ethnic jazz, house and new age music. Wireless internet is always available, so why not bring your laptop and surf away or do business? Frappe can also cater private celebrations, birthday parties and is a great place to meet for business lunches... and all at a price that won't deter you!Frappe is Coffee-drinker Heaven Frappe is a paradise where all kinds of coffee are served for the serious coffee lover! We especially recommend our hot chocolate and caramel café frappe and our caffe latte. Why not take our coffee with some homemade chocolate cake, cheesecake or mosaic cake - some of our favorite desserts?Friday and Saturday nights - Frappe ClubFrappe has a seating capacity of 40 people, standing 70 as a full party venue. Come and join us for our crazy after-dinner weekend parties. Frappe has semi-open winter garden for those who like a bit of fresh air and our garden has a capacity of 20 people... And you can get your party in swing with Frappe’s mojitos, Longisland Ice Tea, vodka-pear, vodka-hazelnut or vodka-raspberry which our professional team makes with only fresh fruit. For more information: aNiL tAs - sAkIr Istiklal Cad. Zambak Sok. No.10/A Beyoglu/Istanbul Phone: +90 212 292 38 34


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