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OTHER PEOPLE'S PROPERTY - Eclectic noise for girls who like toys...

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OPP, how can we explain it, we'll give you a night and nobody can same it...

O is for Other, P is for the People
The last P... well... it's not that simple...

It could be another name you'd call a cat or kitten, but here it's when you realise that your hard earned stuff is missin'...

We'll take your songs and make them better, take your girls and make them wetter...

This is OPP now choose your letter...

We're down with OPP...

*Crookers*Naughty by Nature*La Roux*Plastic Little*Fake Blood*Buraka Som Sistema*More Fire Crew*Lil Mama*Bell Biv Devoe*Count and Sinden*Rye Rye*AC Slater*Salt N Pepa*MIA*Fanny Pack*Rusko*Lil’ Kim*Q-tip*Girl Talk*Micachu*Crystal Fighters*TLC*Busy P*Yo Majesty*Bunny Rabbit*Afrikan Boy*Wreckx N Effect*Cool Kids*Metronomy*Man Like Me*Foxy Brown*Telepathe*Ludacris*Benga and Coki*Bloody Beetroots*Ladyhawke*Jodeci*Late of the Pier*Spank Rock*Diplo*Tomb Crew*Brodinski*Missy Elliot*Kid Sister*Le Corps Mince de Francoise*Bonde do Role*Newham Generals*Switch*Trina*Toddla T*Princess Superstar*South Rakkas Crew*Herve*Beenie Man*Chromeo*Dizzee Rascal*



Korsan Bar
161-165 Kingsland Road
E2 8AL

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Contact Names

Erin Murphy-Muscatelli

Opening Times


Opening Days

Saturday 27 June and every last Saturday of the month thereafter

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