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DIY disco opportunity to dance like you mean it to songs with words. The chance to dance like Kate Bush in a white sheet with dry ice but no icy stares.

"cinderellas, cigarettes and scenes from the past"

Playing serious synth-pop, time-sensitive treats and electro/indie you can dance to. We promise there will be NO remixes, hard house or RnB. And no songs you don't know how to dance to.

A party for friends and friendly people. Come. And tell your friends to come.

To find us on Facebook, search 'dirtyconverse' or 'Fannie Around'


Boston Music Rooms
178 Junction Road
N19 5QQ

Additional Telephone Info


Contact Names

Fannie Around

Opening Times

9.30 til LATE

Opening Days

second saturdays

Special Features

next one 10 october

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