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The idea was born in a place where gay, lesbian, bi, transgenders are the norm instead of the aberration. Where same sex relationships and gay marriage are accepted and respected and where people come back every year to meet and connect with friends. But isn t it crazy? How in this age of cellphones, emails and online gay, lesbian, bi, transgender dating sites, not to mention the sea of fabulous crowd descending on Ptown (Provincetown, MA) for the summer, there are still so many amazing people who can not find significant relationships? We at are setting out to create a place where we think we can make a difference. We are starting as an online community, dynamic and vibrant, where people can connect, make friends, blog, chat, meet and date in person specially when they happen to be in Provincetown. Because we believe that online dating means more than just hooking up, but an important first step towards a lasting relationship. And we are truly sincere about that. We want people to become members of and stay here until they find the love of their life or to stay in touch with friends and build meaningful networks, and of course to have fun.
You can also hook up with new friends and let other people know when you'll be in town before you get there by posting your events, activities or plans at Express yourself and start your own blog or discuss GLBT issues in the forum. It's free, it's easy and you'll have your network waiting even before you hit town.


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