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X-RATED science at the UK’s only science centre / bar and café for adults-only

This Valentine’s Day sees the launch of three unique sex-related events at the Dana Centre, London.

Audience members will be able to see stand-up comics and scientists joining forces for an irreverent and tantalizing sex quiz featuring artefacts, inventions and objects taken from the storerooms of the Science Museum in London.

Alternatively, visitors can take part in a classic Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) whodunnit night exploring gay and lesbian sexual health with leading experts and performers, or at the final event of the series, technophiles can text sexologists with any sex-related questions or concerns from orgasms to sex and drugs.

The events aim to break down sexual taboos by looking at sex within a cultural and scientific context. A diverse range of topics will be covered including the implications of new medication and technologies, popular attitudes to sex and sexual health.

Pigalle Tavakkoli, event organiser said: “The events at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre will delve into the science of sex in frank and innovative ways by using science, comedy, theatre, performance, and cutting edge SMS technology.”

The Dana Centre is the Science Museum’s ambient and acclaimed bar and café in the heart of South Kensington dedicated to discussing contemporary science, health, medicine and technology in a cultural context.

Comics’ Carnal Knowledge
Wednesday 14 February, 19.00-20.30. LIVE WEBCAST
Forget romance. A whip-cracking line-up of frisky comedians and salacious scientists awaits visitors, with Science Museum sex-related objects including chastity belts, vibrators and anti-masturbation devices take prime position in this slinky sex quiz which - among other things - reveals how orgasms evolved.

LGB Healthy Sex
Thursday 22 February, 19.00-20.30
A classic whodunnit evening revealing there’s more to safe sex then latex. For one night only, the Dana Centre will be transformed into different crime scenes where audience members will come face-to-face with characters, scientists and sex objects from the Science Museum which will be used as clues. The aim of the game is to find out who caught which sexually transmitted infection from whom, in which room and with which implement. A quirky Cluedo-styled night exploring LGB sexual health.

Sex Txt
Wednesday 28 February, 19.00-20.30 LIVE WEBCAST
Sex myths are exploded in the first ever ‘txtalogue’ event. The Dana Centre’s café will be rigged-up so questions can be texted from the cafe or emailed anonymously to leading sexologists about anything relating to sex - from the physical, emotional, cultural and drugs-related. Answers will appear on the café’s big screens and online at

These events have been funded by the Wellcome Trust.



Science Museum's Dana Centre
165 Queen's Gate

Phone Number

0207942 4040

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Opening Times

19.00-20.30 (event) 10.00-21.00 (cafe/bar)

Special Features

• Events start at 7pm, but the bar is open for food all day and evening and closes at 9pm. Check out the website for full listings
• Tickets to all events are FREE and open to anyone over the age of 18, but you must pre book on: 020 7942 4040 or

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