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You are gay and you have chosen to spend your holiday in beautiful Suriname, but where can you stay without people looking strange to you when you make love in the swimming pool. Here with us at Kekemba Gay Resort Paramaribo. Gay owned and operated, we know what you want. We are John de Lange and Lloyd Vrij. We live for more than ten years in Suriname. In April of 2006 we opened our doors. Just outside the centre of the capital Paramaribo on the egde of a park we have placed our beautiful resort for people like us. Except for tourists our resort is also visited by the local gays who live in Suriname. Meet the Suriname gays in the relax atmosfere of our resort and perhaps one of them will be your new boyfriend.

The studio apartement with swimming pool you can use Kekemba Gay Resort Paramaribo as a starting point for your trips to the interior of Suriname. Suriname is located at the edge of the Amazone Rainforest so at driving distance of the real jungle. In the jungle you can do different kinds of activities, like mountailclimbing, sportfishing, birdwatching, animal spotting, camping, etc. Also near Paramaribo you can do cycling, swimming, etc. A befriended gay-touroperator will be of service for you and organise the trips you like to do. Also for a relaxing holiday with a few organised daytrips and exploring the nightlife of Paramaribo, Suriname is the country to be.


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